Our roots

We are a team of professionals, enthusiasts and optimists working on making a point.

What we believe in, forms us as people.
Strong opinions and great ideas form us as individuals and as society.

We value the people, the freedom, the bravehood, the knowledge and the faith as pillars to humanity.

We stand for the courage of individuals to Make a Point.

Our mission

Our mission is to create urban, functional and unique bags and backpacks that tell your story.

Our modular concept for bags and backpack allows our clients to choose the different parts of the product and combine them together according to their vision. By adding a text message that represents their beliefs our clients express themselves and create their statement bag or backpack.

The result is an individual and unique bag or backpack ready for the busy urban life of our customers.

Our home

We manufacture our quality bags and backpacks in the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. The manufactory “Chaika 97”, proud to have more than 50 years’ experience in producing luggage gear for global brands, is now the origin and home of our new brand Make a Point.