What makes our fabrics special?

sustainable fabrics

We aim to reduce the environmental effect by using fabrics that are sustainable and produced fairly. We also focus on reusable and recycled materials, so that natural resources can be saved on all ends.

For our classy and elegant line, we concentrate on using fair cotton canvas with a PU coat. But what is a PU coat exactly and is it as environmentally safe as it is practical?

PU stands for Polyurethane. Polyurethanes are non-toxic to the environment. They break down and do not contain BPA´s or other chemicals which can interfere with the endocrine systems.

Polyurethane fabric uses no solvents, so it does not produce harmful toxins.

They make a product withstand moisture or heat, which in turn is a benefit not only for the customer, but also for the longevity of the products.

As we use our products longer, we save natural resources in production and disposal of waste.

We, at Make a Point, go a step further. We create our products not only to be durable and stylish – We create them to be versatile and chameleonic. Just by changing, switching, adding, or removing some parts, our customers create a whole new look for their bags. A Make a Point bag is always more than just one bag!

Make a Point with the things you choose!

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