Fall color trends 2020

Wondering what colors to bet on this season, what fabrics will be fashionable and which of the big fashion can be translated to your everyday life?

As everything surrounding us fashion has undergone its metamorphosis as well. Studies show that consumer, more than ever, monitor their finances, which reflects on impulsive purchases. Fashion purchases are increasingly examined and tested for quality, timeless style and sustainability.

That’s why Make a Point invented the transforming clutch bag. Durability, quality and style in one bag allowing for many different faces.

With just one flip of the straps, you create a new look for the bag. This fashion investment pays off! See how the transforming clutch fits into the autumn 2020/2021 fashion season.

  • PANTONE 18-5338 TCX Ultramarine Green– Deep green that can be worn all year long.
  • PANTONE 19-1662 TCX Samba– What is fall without red in it?
  • Pantone 19-4010 Black Soul– Black is the new black. Always and forever.

Always in style with your Make a Point Transformer Clutch bag.

Check our suggestion here!


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Photo credits: Ultramarine Green 1 ,Ultramarine GREEN 2Samba 1, Samba 2,  Black Soul,  Black Soul2

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