Trend-revival 2020: THE CLUTCH bag is the new Must-Have

The Clutch is dead, long live the Clutch!

The beloved accessory from the 2000s is back and is in TREND more than ever!
If you follow fashion magazines, bloggers or us 😉 you already know that everybody has it or wants it – it’s the new IT BAG of this season!

But wouldn´t it be great if one can be in fashion and still be unique? Wouldn´t it be great, if you can add your personal touch to your fashion accessory?
Wouldn´t it be great if your Clutch can do all of this?

Make a Point brings out the T-Clutch bag 2020 – One Bag, many Looks!

It is the perfect mix and match bag for every occasion! It is transformable, which means you can add and/or remove elements the way you like. Change colors or transform to shoulder bag: you decide!

ash rose, clutch bag, midi bag, trendy bag

The double-sided straps allow you to change the look of your bag according to your daily outfit. You can restyle the bag with countless combinations with just reversing or/and rearranging those double-sided straps.
If you fancy a more minimalistic look, you can carry your Clutch without straps.
For a fancy and trendy look, put on one or more straps. Leather says “classy”. Color says “sassy”.
Who are you today?
See how easy is to #restyle your clutch bag here:


You can find the T Cluth “Blue sky” here and the T Clutch “Ash Rose” here.

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