Who wears What this season.

We are slowly saying Goodbye to the winter and welcoming the upcoming season.  Traditionally spring stands for a new beginning, freshness and revival. That is why our SS2020 Collection carries the name “Crave Life” – not only a name, but a philosophy, which we strongly stand behind.

Our #transformerclutch bags, with vibrant colors and colorful reversable straps are all about it.  

Have you seen them on Facebook (link) and or Instagram (link) already? If not, check them out here and let us know what you think 😉 

With the “Crave Life” Collection we aim to achieve an elegant look that still fits into everyday life and remains true to our principal #onebagmanylooks. What does this mean exactly? 

Our clutch bags come with three two-sided reversable straps. They can be mixed and matched according to your liking or detached completely. See here.

It´s always a fun game to find your unique look of the day. What are your spring/summer colors of 2020? Is it the #ashrose that carries the classy and romantic touch or the more edgy #mintgreen?

We are witnessing the comeback of trends from the 2000s and Hollywood stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna, Salma Hayek and many more have re-discovered the clutch as an accessory already:


Why not follow with a Make a Point clutch?

Go ahead! Give it a try!



Source Jami Chung (link here)
Source NYFW (link here)

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