Each of us unlocks a certain emotion with a song, a place, a smell… A word can turn our day around, give us strength or cause a smile.
The woman, we had the pleasure of meeting and talking to, is known as an infinitely positive, full of ideas lady, who never ceases to boldly express herself.
Julie Lepoeva is a marketing specialist, mother and wife. The word she chose as “her own” tells us that she has managed to preserve the romance and the faith in magic even in this fast-paced world.
Julie chose “Serendipity” as the message of her personalized bag-flap.

She says that this is her favorite word because of the meaning and moment of magic it expresses – “a happy accident; something good you come across by accident or fate”.

She believes that these are the moments with a major ‘M’ that energize and emotionalize people the most and make them smile sincerely.
Julie is an irreverent optimist who believes strongly in the “little things” and tries to seek them out in everyday life and everywhere.

We thank Julie for sharing her thoughts and inspirations with us.

If Julie’s story managed to spike your confidence and provoke your imagination, we at Make a Point are happy to aid you express your ideas on your bag.

Be bold, express yourself – Make a Point!

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