Loud, proud and punk

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Today we are introducing you to a very cheerful, charming, self-assertive girl and her views. This is Mariela, known as Funkdoobie on Instagram. She is developing her business in Plovdiv, likes to express herself through her clothing and to discover unfamiliar places. Read on, so you will get to know her and what inspired her to choose a custom flap (Personalized cover-HERE) for her Cube Backpack (Backpack body-HERE).

Loud, proud and punk.

“It is a real freedom to accept yourself as you are and to live in peace with yourself; to do what you love and spend time with the people you like”, says Mariela.

She chose “loud, proud and punk” for the tagline of her Make a Point bag because these three words summarize everything, she believes in.

“For many people, freedom is like an impossible dream. We are constantly committed to tasks and daily duties. Life has become much more dynamic than expected and even though we might not have imagined it that way, we are part of this routine”, explains Mariela.”However, we should not put up with things that we do not like, do not make us happy or swallow too much energy. Let’s not live in denial but seek change”.

That´s what our quirky friend says about her chosen message:

Why loud? “When you have something to say and want the whole world to hear you. When you are irreconcilable, when you dream openly, when you stand up for yourself, and you strongly believe in your principles. When you give voice to things that excite you, when you are not afraid of what people think, when you want to show that outside the comfort zone it can also be comfortable”.

Why proud? “One should not look for certain causes of pride. He must be proud that he does not refuse to challenge himself and does not bind himself to established social models”.

Why punk? “Because in the history of mankind, I do not know of any better way to tell the world that you are the master of your own freedom. When you live by rules and regulations created by others, you can never be free. You have a specific behavior that you think is right. You spend time with people you don’t like, you do work that you don’t like, you have a relationship with someone who is not your soulmate. Punk gives you that freedom, faith, and power to set your own limits”.

“Everything that happens to you in the future is a consequence of your own decisions.Forget the nonsense! Find your place in this world, work on yourself constantly, acquaint with cool people and make real friendships. All this gives you freedom and is well worth it”.

We say: Wise words, girl!

If you are also brave and like to experiment like Mariela, writes us and create your custom bag or backpack. For an even bolder look, we invite you to choose a bag body and a flap in different colors. Don´t worry, they are interchangeable and can always adapt to complete your look.

Choose a full set in monochrome colors and take advantage of our promotional price.

Regardless of your decision, we know you have something to say and show – Make a point!

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