Today we are introducing you to one of our dear contributors that choose a customized message for her flap.

Her name is Marieta Ilieva, but people know her as Merry ( ) and she is part of the incredible, talanted team that creates “Faces of the city” (you should definitely follow them on ).

Merry is colorful, full of life and has a hectic schedule, just like everybody else. Her work takes her constantly to new places and around interesting people. The word she chose as her slogan reflects her vision on life, but I will let her do the “talking”.


Why did I chose “CONTEMPLATE”?

I am always busy, heading somewhere, living dynamically, both physically and mentally. I often forget to stop, look around and just breathe…

“CONTEMPLATE” is a symbolic reminder from me to me, an appeal for both the world and me to find time, to stop and look around, to remove ourselves from the busy life…Let the mind wonder around and shift its energy elsewhere, to a specific place. Let us look inside ourselves.

Meditation, prayer or even writing on a blank piece of paper can help us look deeper in our mind. Let us dig deeper in our soul, to be more precise and mindful, not so shallow…To find enthusiasm and what we are thankful for in life.

That is my method for “fine-tuning” my inner wisdom, peace and intuition and it starts with MAKE A POINT: CONTEMPLATE!


If you recognize yourself in a certain word or a phrase and you need a multifunctional, urban bag/backpack like Merry, we invite you to check our website- . You can follow us on Instagram @makeapointbag, for some inspiration and colorful shots around the world.



Merry chose our Cubic wonder backpack in turquoise ( and a flap in the same color for her customized message (

Photos are taken from Momchil Nikolow.



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