Vacation mode?!

It´s summer, if you haven´t already noticed 😉

We are “drooling” over friends and colleagues Instagram vacation photos, but keeping the “fort” at the office.

Maybe some of you have business of your own and know that the work never stops. It’s almost a heretical thought to take a day off or even a longer period of time. And it is supposed to be so, because hard work pays off. Or we were told so 😉

We are trying to figure out what to give you next. We are scouting for new materials, colors, trends and in the process of creating something new.

But is it even possible? In the past decade we have seen so many fashion trends from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s coming back. Some more successful than others, praised to the sky and beyond, other anesthetized-big brands going out of business.

And what about smaller, new brands?

How to know that all the effort that goes into creating a product- hours of sitting in front a computer or blank paper, missing family time, creating sample after sample will pay off? Will the client be happy? Will they understand us? Will we interpret their needs  correctly? Will the desire to create something special, unique, and functional work?

So many questions and even more answers…

In my short life I have grown to love the saying that you have to try your hardest, try as many times as you could, both physically and mentally. Personally, only then I can rest my mind and be calm that I have given my best in a situation or I have contributed toward creating something exquisite and show it to the public.

How do you feel about working towards your goals? Do you give all in or you have a line where you think it’s not “healthy” anymore to go in the same direction? I will be happy to read and chat about your experiences.



Xo xo,

(no, not Gossip Girl),

simply Alex from Make a Point





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