Make a Point awarded three young designers for their contribution of fresh and stylish bag designs.

The competition for a design of a bag or backpack was announced yearly this year by Make a Point. Students from many Bulgarian fashion and design schools participated. On Friday, 7th of June, at the Make a Point launch party in Plovdiv, the winners were awarded. They were accompanied by their families, friends, press representatives and the famous pop singer VenZy.

The winner of the first price: Berna Ahmet, an 18 year old student of the Art School “Prof. Venko Kolev” in Troyan, submitted her interpretation of an urban messenger bag aligned with the colors of the rainbow.










Runners-up were Magdalena Georgieva and Aijan Salieva, students from the National Art High School “Zanko Lavrenov” in Plovdiv and the Art School “Prof. Venko Kolev” in Troyan, respectively.

The three girls visited the manufactory “Chaika 97 AD” where Make a Point is being created and took a look behind the scenes of the production line.

This visit and involvement complemented their theoretical studies with a practical component. With a “hands-on” approach Berna, Magdalena and Aijan took an active part in the process of producing flaps for their urban bags and backpacks.

The big winner of the financial award of BGN 1000, Berna Ahmed, also created her winning model of a messenger bag. Now Bernas unique piece can be seen on her shoulders.




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